Fee Guide

Fees are correct as at July 2016.

The following fees are subject to change depending on complexity of treatment.

Dental Treatments Price
(Including detailed examination of your teeth, a full periodontal assessment, mouth cancer check, treatment plan and costings)
Adults €40
Children (up to 16) €30
X-RAYS Price
Small (advanced digital) €15
Large (full jaw) €50
Scale & Polish Price
Routine Scale & Polish €60
Treatment of Periodontal (gum) disease Price as Quoted per Individual Case
Stain Removal/AirFlow Treatment €25
Prescription Charge €25
Fillings Price
Amalgalm (Silver) Fillings
Small €75
Large €110
Composite (White) Fillings
Small €85
Large €130
Crowns Price
Metal Crowns From €550
Gold Crowns From €600
Advanced Porcelain metal-free Porcelain Crowns From €625
(Porcelain crowns are able to match the colour of your teeth to give a fantastic, natural look)
Veneers Price
Advanced Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers From €625
(We can use veneers to correct twisted teeth, chipped teeth, yellow & unsightly teeth, and if used in multiple units create a beautiful new, natural smile)
Bridges Price as Quoted per Individual Case
Dentures Price
Small Acrylic (Plastic) Dentures From €375
Full Upper Plastic Denture €500
Full Lower Plastic Denture €500
Full Upper & Lower Dentures Together €950
Metal/Chrome Dentures Price as Quoted per Individual Case
Advanced Denture Service We can create very natural, good looking, comfortable dentures using the most advanced technologies and techniques. Please ask our staff for more details on this service.
Whitening Price
Professional Home Whitening €250
(This includes a professional assessment of whitening, a set of customised whitening trays, a set of whitening gels and professional instructions)
Refreshing Your Smile/Transforming Your Smile Services We have a unique team who are experts in creating beautiful smiles. Please ask our staff for details on how you can benefit from this service.
Root Canal Treatment Price
(These depend on the type of the tooth and the number of canals in the tooth. An exact cost can be given an assessment)
Extractions Price
Routine Extractions €85
Complex Extractions €135
Wisdom Teeth Extractions and Complicated Extractions Requiring Advanced Surgery Price as Quoted per Individual Case
Dental Implants From €2200
Used to replace missing teeth, failing bridges, stabilising loose dentures and restoring mouths. Cost includes surgically placing the implant and restoring the implant using the most advanced and strongest cosmetic crown. We use the best dental implants and the best components to give fantastic, long lasting results.
The Implant Centre We have a dedicated team who can look after all your dental implant needs. Please call our helpful team for more information on this service.
Children's Treatments Price
Kids routine exam €30
Scale & Polish €30
Fissure sealants €35 (each)
Tooth extraction (small/large) €40/100
Fillings (white/silver) €60/90